A day in the life of mixing business with personalities.

Day 2 Blogging

Seriously amazed by the variety of personalities involved in business affairs.  Club houses can sometimes house the craziest of people, in my humble (and crazy) opinion.  Schisms between personalities over decisions made involving money.  For example, today a group of us convened for a business meeting, mixed group of men and women.   A couple in control of the funds are actively making plans behind the scenes to see the place return to it’s former location.  The place which is full of mold, failing roof, with a house destroyed by a house fire that once was destined to be renovated into a smoking room.  Essentially, continuously standing in the way of progress.

Before the meeting ended, and business affairs addressed, I raise my hand.  “I would like to bring it to the board’s attention of the chaos occurring in the mid afternoon.  New members reporting about the infighting in this place.  Why are we promoting and planning for meetings at the old location if we are working to drum up excitement here?  People sharing about your plans to remodel the old building, the one the zoning board denied permits to, and return to once the new location’s lease expires.”  The main culprit leans forward, “so, I push such and such activity for two nights a week.”  I point out that she’s interrupting me, that I’m speaking.  This 65 year old transforms into a 10 year old as she raises her voice, “I don’t care!  Go somewhere else!  You don’t have to come around!”

Did I just enter crazy town?  Is this really happening? Is she the poster child of the Insane Clown Posse? “Why are you yelling at me? We can speak civilly.  You and I have the same amount of time.

“So!  I don’t care!  Who cares!  It is my meeting!”  I stop talking to her as she continuing to rant.  Turning to the rest of the board, “I want you to see who you have chosen to represent this place daily.  You have allowed this to happen here.”

I must admit there is something inside me that is driven to address the pink elephants in the room, particularly the bully.  She will continue to allow for this craziness to continue because others allow it.  Condone it.  I don’t get it.  Perhaps it’s the years spent working in a field where we advocated for the voiceless, the ones who needed an advocate.  Perhaps, it’s having spent my childhood living with a bully who made me feel powerless.  Either way, step aside Crazy Town and to the people who hid behind the bully promoting this behavior.


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