Holidays, marriage, and power outages

Day 4 of blogging:  After leaving the home feeling a bit defeated, I pick up a few pitch-in items for a potluck and espresso beverage and green tea combo.  Arriving to the potluck, my insides were turned upside down after a falling out with the hubby.   We are both in recovery, but 20 years apart in age and dry time, with different philosophies for varying service work and fellowship time.  In the previous weeks, our relationship has felt like a roller coaster…the ones where you flip all around in and out of the dark.   Living life on life’s terms sucks sometimes.  So, I call my sponsor while gulping down a Cafe Americano.  She, bless her soul, could hear the frustrations in my voice and said the magic words:  “why don’t you pick this old gal up for the potluck.  We could hang out for a few hours.”   She’s struggling with some personal things, plus wanted to stay in the home with her dog; however, my sponsor selflessly offered herself as a tool for my sobriety today-and we had a blast socializing with men and women at the event. Her selflessness is something I could practice in my own life in this fellowship.  We arrived to the potluck, contributions and caffeine in hand, to a place where we could shed off the weight of the world for a few hours.

As the caffeine began to make it’s way through my system, a wealth of ideas began to flow.  Since the Monday board meeting, there is this drive inside to address the club needs via technology (surveys, websites, newsletters) to ensure the club is a success.  If I could improve the skill set needed to help with these needs, they could work for me in a professional setting too.  Party ended, dropped off the sponsor to return home to a hubby who is ready to end our relationship.  Seriously?


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