Lack of Power

Day 6 of blogging:

Forty-eight hours without power.  We are grateful for the little generator keeping our fish alive and food ice cold.  Energy company requires an electrician to work on our home before they could hook us up to the power lines.  Hubby discovers a hole in our garage from the power lines.  The hubby appears to have calmed down, anxiety decreased once he found an electrician.   Our house was not damaged.  The garage did not set on fire with live wires on the roof.  Grateful. Overall, it’s not that bad.

No longer feeling powerless over the outage.  In fact, we have experienced the kindness of our neighbors and friends.  Secretly enjoying the peace and quiet, excluding the generator, without the noise of the televisions.  Specifically, enjoying life without the hubby traumatized who spent the day listening to the news.  Walking around the neighborhood, I found myself feeling gratitude for Nipsco’s team of people chopping and removing trees, replacing wires, and poles.  It’s breezy outside, so my home is feeling cool.  Lastly, we have a gas furnace.  Warm showers are a blessing during a power outage. Leaving nearby the beach is also a blessing.

I created the blog to develop my writing skills after years spent writing legal documents and case plans.  I appreciate the opportunity to free write on  Have a great day.

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