30 blogs in 30 days…not happening

My intentions were honorable.  I had every intention to blog for thirty days.  In the past ten days, work and recovery activities took priority over writing the blog.  The reason to blog for thirty days revolves around my desire to write free style to break the ingrained style of writing from work.  Legal documents and case plans became what I’ve known for the past decade.   It is my belief that somehow this could turn into something relaxing as a coping mechanism.  Possibly write a book?  Run a blog for local sober living homes?  Return to grad school to write numerous papers about social work?  The sky is the limit, right?

At 42 (in August) and eighteen years sober, life did not turn out exactly the way I had hoped for.  My desire professionally to work as an administator was not in the plan.  My health became the reason to drop out of graduate school.  Honestly, I could not function back then and had to choose work or school.  Money in the bank required my attention. Now the thyroid is functioning and my stress level has decreased due to the new job, I feel the need to make some major changes.  Collaborating with a few ladies to ensure a recovery home in the region is a huge success, returning to graduate school for the MSW, and helping a local recovery club house to improve are on the radar.

Is this boredom?  Not for long!

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