Gratitude Through Corona


Home bound for thirty days, I can see how blessed we are to face everything and recover.  Our world has changed overnight.  This blog does not imply I haven’t grieved over the people who have lost lives or sudden changes to everyone’s life.  My sole purpose for this blog is to write about my recovery.

It’s nice to know we all facing COVID shutdown together…our neighbors, coworkers, recovery communities, and family.  One common factor for all of us is how we have to deal with trauma, fears, and powerlessness.  We are not alone.  Wow!  For so long in my life, I felt alone in this world.  Sobriety has opened my eyes, expanded my world, and given me a sense of freedom and grace to face everything.

To create a gratitude list, it’s difficult to summarize everything I am feeling thankful for.  God’s grace…sobriety.  One benefit about the shutdown is the fact that my body needed this sudden change.  I needed to stop moving.  My coworker can tell I am more relaxed working from home.  Fortunate to work from home.  My 12-step meetings officially transitioned into a virtual world.  I can see everyone by screen.  Connect with sponsorship family and home group members.  Our refrigerator and freezers are stocked with food.  Financially, we can pay our bills and enjoy purchases from Amazon.  My husband and I continue to get along.  My cooking skills have improved.  Boston Legal is a fun show to watch.  My parents are safe in their homes.  My siblings are safe.  My dogs are healthy.  Sober 7,238 days.  My husband and sponsee both celebrated anniversaries this week.  Life is good.

Attended several 12-step groups today:  speaker group, discussion group, and another mtg from New York City.  86 people in the group here in New York.  Crazy!  Life doesn’t look so bad.


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