Time for Healing

Grateful for these subtle reminders that cross my newsfeed. Habit of focusing on other needless crap when in pain. Coming out of the fog, but truly need to focus on some prayer and meditation. Got myself into a little trouble last week. Not spiritually fit combined with an unnecessary lecture by someone I’ve never met resulted in an amends & recognizing I’m trying to focus on outside issues to avoid feeling some emotional pain. The person’s mom blasted me on social media which was “fun”. Need to let it go.

Good news? Five months from the diagnosis and we are finished with his treatments. Seven weeks of daily radiation combined with seven chemo sessions resulted in a sick husband and tired wife. Scared the cancer will reoccur since this returned less than a year after our last treatment. He’s scared we have gone through all of this for it to return in the next year. Positive thoughts and prayers for God’s intervention. Filed a claim with the military & received a call yesterday about scheduling appointments. Qualify for virtual interviews. Perhaps I can find some healing by dealing with this part of my life. The election & current events has exhausted me, caused some rifts with friends (which sucked), and given me the excuse to cut all current events out of my life. Instead, I enjoy watching reruns of Big Bang Theory & listening to Christmas music back and forth to the VA. My recovery? Grateful for zoom & still missing hugs and in-person interactions. Feeling disconnected. Haven’t seen my homegroup members for three months. Involved in a car accident which included a hit and run who fled from my accident, killed himself and a couple who parent four kids. Volunteer life? Grateful we could reach a few of our goals-in spite of the shutdown-& looking forward to 2021. Goal for today: focus on the gratitude, readings, watching Christmas movies with the hubby, picking up groceries and making myself a kick-ass cappuccino.

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