Eighteen Mindset Hacks that Can Change Your Life Forever (repost)

Great list of mindset hacks that are sworn to change our lives.  I love the suggestions.  Change comes from within, so I hear and believe.  Acknowledge your negativity, list all of the negative thoughts to analyze, and ask yourself, is it really worth thinking about this?  So easy to neglect a sober routine where I ask my HP to remove anything blocking me from being of maximum service to others.  Wake up, grab the cellphone to look at social media rather than taking some time to say, hi God.  It is easy for me to play the victim and feel resentful about the loss of relationships over the past year, but I can also see how many benefits appeared once I removed myself or lost the friendships.  My mind is like a movie theater sometimes -or- a number of tabs open in my head (like internet tabs).  Another suggestion is to identify inevitable obstacles and difficulties that are out of my control.  Something I have missed from case management days is to walk into a situation where I can see the obstacles, create an action plan, to help put pieces of the puzzle together.  I miss that & see the need to take a step back to apply these steps in my own life.  

Huge fan of social media and technology that connects me with the outer world.  Technology offers a place to find information, create, connect, and explore.  Thankful for WordPress where we can share ideas, repost, blog, and connect.  Enjoy the article.  Have a wonderful day!

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