Coaching & the Recovery Journey

Many years ago, I met Laura, a volunteer social worker who worked as a crisis therapist.  She caught my attention at age 24 when I felt angry, hopeless, and full of fear.  My present moment and future felt bleak.  Newly sober resident who lived in a halfway house with thirteen other women, all I could see was the wreckage that I created.  She became a mentor for me.  Helped me as I transitioned out of the recovery home, offering a room to rent at the Valparaiso Women’s Club.   She gave me a little hope for the future.  When I speak publicly, my message is clear:  donating money is great, but giving your time, like Laura did, may change a person’s life.

I belong to an online 12-step women’s email group.  In this week’s topic, the author shares her awareness about experiencing complacency and a lackluster for sobriety.  She needed to know if complacency or lacking enthusiasm for her recovery was similar to other people’s experiences.   I hope so since it hits home with myself!  In this article, the author suggests auditing our lives based on a coaching exercise (click here).

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Time to audit my life.  One blessing about living in recovery is the opportunity for new beginnings.  I can start my day over any time, and this is sometimes forgotten.  In the last eight months, I knocked out a few goals (financial, professional, and social), left a world that I loved but felt alone, and decided to practice self-care.  None of this was possible without a few coaches in my life.  Thankful & blessed.  If you find yourself in a similar place and seeking guidance, visit the “recovery coach” tab for additional information.  I would love to connect with you.

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