Blessings from Miller Beach

Sitting here this evening, I feel a sense of peace knowing the number of blessings is too many to count.  I finished one class and enrolled in graduate school and will start next month.  Grateful for the opportunity to telework.  My husband is cancer free!  I have two beautiful, loud, and loving dogs.  My parents & siblings are healthy.  Excited about my stepdaughter who is pregnant with her first child.  My sister sent me a picture today of my nephew who is ten weeks old today.  Sobriety continues to remain a central part of my life.

Miller Beach is a peaceful place, otherwise known as the hidden gem in Northwest Indiana.  It is exciting to watch my husband, who continues to recover from a lengthy cancer battle, making his plans to powerwash our home.  In addition, we have added new asphalt, a walkway, and a sugar maple tree is giving our home a well-needed facelift.

Picture of Sugar Maple Tree we recently had planted.  How cool is this?!!

     Our neighborhood is a fun beach community full of beautiful people…and Air Bnb’s.  Everything is fairly quiet outside the party holidays.  I find it amusing to see so many people taking the golf cart out for a ride.  Having private access to the beach is one of the many blessings of living here.

“In my eyes, Miller has always been the true jewel of Gary, dating back decades.” As Miller attracts new residents, the Gary community also welcomes back natives: ‘It’s right where we belong’ – Chicago Tribune

My husband and I have spent two decades together in a home that has seen many, many upgrades.  From tearing down a garage and rebuilding one, from replacing siding and a rooftop, to planting a pretty cool tree in the front yard.  Thankful for the reprieve and blessings.  Grateful for God’s grace, gifts, and what He has removed from our lives.  My husband would like to move out of state to live closer to his granddaughters.  I don’t want to move too far from my mom and siblings and feel safe here.

“Home is the nicest word there is.”
― Laura Ingalls Wilder

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