Check “Trip to Europe” From the Bucket List!

Twenty-one years ago, I submitted an assignment that outlined our goals from one week to 20 years, and a trip to Europe was listed as one of my 20 years goals.  To own my own home (check), have a garden (no & boring), season tickets to see the Bears (do not watch football), and travel to Europe (49 days!).  Ten years, to finish my bachelor’s degree (check), master’s degree (delayed), and sober (check, check, check).  Still sober (check!).

My dad called tonight and asked, “what’s 7 times 7?”  49!! 49 days until we leave for ITALY! Life is too short not to enjoy every moment, travel, and time with loved ones.  To travel with family, recovery events, and just because.  Traveling with my father is a gift as we have not had this opportunity to take a trip anywhere.  While my dad, stepmom, and her kids travel, I sit and live vicariously through pictures posted on Instagram.

Lazio, Italy


It’s time to start checking off all the items on the bucket list.

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