2022 – It’s a Wrap!

Imagine a world where we open the door to a parent throwing your Christmas gifts into the kitchen followed by, “here’s a bible.  You should read it.”  I spent weeks in my apartment in deep depression looking at all the wreckage around me wishing the reality was only a dream.   Life was hopeless back then.  I was 21 years old and in the depth of my alcoholism and surviving after leaving the military.  Thankful the beginning of the end of this life started here.  Sobered up at 23 years old and left the old life behind me (Read more about the early days).

As we finish 2022, I look forward to continuing blessings in my life.  I accomplished several goals set last year: paying off my vehicle, enrolling in graduate school, traveling, spending more time with family, and living in the moment (improving).  Traveling to California to see family in April and November, Illinois to facilitate several retreats, attending a few retreats, 3 recovery conferences (Indy & IL), Alabama (step-grandkid wedding), Goshen, and Backstreet Boys concert (Tinley Park).  To “live in the moment”, my mom and I enjoy our monthly facials.  Spent more time focusing on self-care and quiet time.  The vehicle was paid off on July 1st!!  Time spent with family through travel, birthdays, and holidays.  Attended Purdue Global to work on a graduate certificate in Addictions Counseling until I was accepted into IUPUI for the Master in Social Work program.

There are far, fare better changes ahead than any we leave behind.

Looking forward to 2023! Another year passed without the chaos and drama of old friendly circles.

I plan to leave behind a few things in 2022.

  1.  Spending habits – I had wwwaaaayyyyy too much fun spending money.  I justified my spending as having fun, a new wardrobe, or traveling; however, it was not very responsible.
  2. Sedentary life.  I feel thyroid tired all the time, so I decided to pay for Vitamin B shots – and botox!
  3. Wallowing in the past.  I wasted time holding grudges against people who I felt hurt me.  It’s not conducive to a sober life.


  1. Italy
  2. Travel
  3. Quality time with parents and hubby
  4. To save money
  5. Continuing graduate school coursework
Thank you for traveling this journey with me.  Excited about the future as we transition into the new year.
“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one.” —Brad Paisley

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