Motivated in the beginning to create a blog, sell a few items, and create a business for myself.  I love this site.  It is something to be proud of.  The site allowed me to shed a tough job where I was always in crisis.  So, hello!  It’s been a minute since the last post!

Life is going well.  My husband remains cancer-free and financially we are in a better place than we have ever been.  Our home renovations in one year have included six new trees, a shed built from the ground up (by the Amish!), a generator, a sliding door, and a little closet organization.   Opportunity to travel as well.  My husband visited family in both Hawaii and Alabama.  Me?  Dallas, Sacramento, Acapulco, Hawaii, and a retreat house in Lemont, Illinois.  Included pictures from a couple of trips.  In Hawaii, I stayed at the Hilton Hotel, a view from the lobby.  Attended a drum circle with my stepdaughter and stepgrandson where we met a chicken.  The day at the park reminded me of the parking lot at Grateful Dead concerts.  Dad and I spent some time under a cabana in Acapulco.  Spent some time around the ocean.  Trip to California to see my nephew marry his beautiful bride.  Pics with my parents, siblings, and aunt while staying overnight in the Bay Area.  Fun trips.  Missed out on these opportunities over the years, watching people on social media sharing photos from their vacations.

On a sad note, we had to put our dog Roscoe down due to terminal health issues.  He was my baby.  So thankful God had given us this amazing Airedale who loved with all his heart and had been with us since he was 3 months old.  Roscoe had so many quirks, such as walking backward or being fearful of any boom booms.  He would lie next to me every morning while I slept.  Allow me to hold his paw.  Position his body over my legs to push Bella out of the way.  Grateful for him.  Miss Roscoe though.


Working on my fourth semester in graduate school and interning at a sheriff’s department.  Scheduled to graduate December 2024.  I have missed working in the field, but not the case management stress and having a child’s life in my hands.  The wellness team members are phenomenal and equally in love with their jobs.  Could not be happier with the internship and less classwork.  Finished 9 credit hours over the summer.  Blessed!

In my recovery community, I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude knowing the friendships are solid and drama is drastically reduced.  Celebrated 23 years sober this year.  Crazy that I have 23 years in recovery without mood-altering substances!  Sober 1/2 of my life.

Update In 2023

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