Younique Makeup & Skincare

Greetings!  Thankful for the opportunity to share my excitement about Younique Products.  My friend Melinda introduced me to the products by invite to her launch party via Facebook.  I decided to join to show her a little support.  I purchased collagen packets, mascara, and eye shadows and loved the products, so Melinda invited me to join her team.  I joined Younique Products simply to have access to discounts on products for $99!!  We launched a Facebook group to launch my business which was a huge success.  I am my best customer, by the way.  

A little bit about me.  My name is Nicole and live in Northwest Indiana with my husband and two dogs. Eldest of eight kids who live in Indiana and California.  Fun fact about myself, I moved to Indiana from Bozeman, Montana, and recognize the downtown scenes from Yellowstone!  Great series, by the way.  Working in the field of child welfare and being a full-time graduate student, I find a release through self-care, travel, retreating, cooking, and binging series.  Self-care – spent too many years neglecting my health while working as a family case manager.  Self-care is essential in my life.  Plus, it is fun!

My passion is helping women just like you and me, who just want a good discount, a little or a lot of extra money in their pocket to buy groceries, and gas, pay for their kid’s activities, and get a much-deserved manicure!!

Our Company was founded by a brother/sister team – a cancer survivor and a sexual abuse survivor, respectively, with the goal of trying to make an impact helping others with the Younique foundation called Saprea (supporting Women who have been sexually abused by the age of 18).   So incredible!

I invite you to start your own Younique business even if it’s for yourself.  I am here to help.  I’m STILL learning… we all are. By no means am I a pro, but I would love to share with you all the beauty tips I’ve learned. If you have tips I’m not aware of, share those too!!!!  Who are YOU!? How do you know about Younique or do you at all?  Feel free to comment below.

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