8000 Days Sober

Commemorating 8000 days sober today, including weekends and holidays. Thankful for His grace, recovery family & friends for 8000 days, 262.83 months, and 21.9 years of clean time, sobriety time, recovery time. #soberyall #soberliving #sobergirlsociety #sobrietyrocks #cleanandserene #womeninrecovery #vetsinrecovery #8000daysclean #thankfullness #sobersaturday

12-Step Recovery and Other Support Groups

Are you a person in recovery attending recovery support groups?  Are you someone who needs recovery supports?  Plenty of options are available and free.  People, like myself, who speak the same language volunteer their time to manage the groups.  In one recovery program, people identify this as the language of the heart.   Mutual help organizations … Continue reading 12-Step Recovery and Other Support Groups